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Rats and mice are vermin that spread germs and diseases. If you have them in your home, you need to get rid of them. For longer-term peace of mind Zapem Pest Management offer services to cure your vermin issues. 

Why You Should Control Rats & Mice

Rats are responsible for spreading diseases that have killed more people than just about any other disease. The black death was transmitted by fleas found on rats. It went on to kill between 30-60% of the European population. Thankfully we don’t have plague in Australia. There are still many reasons to avoid having rats and mice around your home. 

Spreading Pathogens

According to the World Health Organization, cockroaches can spread bugs like dysentery and salmonella. These are pathogens that can make you extremely sick and sometimes cause death.

Multiple Vectors For Spreading

Diseases from rats and mice can be spread in various ways. It could be from a bite. Or handling of dead rats and mice. Or contaminations that you weren’t aware of, such as urine, faeces, saliva or hair. In other words, they can spread diseases just by touching food and surfaces. You can even get diseases from A inhaling dust that was contaminated by rats.

Other Causes

Rats and mice can also spread diseases by being the carrier of other infected animals. As we said at the top, rats introduced plague into Europe by carrying fleas. They can also carry ticks and mites that carry diseases.


Rats and mice can eat through electrical wiring and food containers. Rats will eat through thick plastic dog food buckets if they smell food on the other side. They’ve also been known to eat through electrical wiring, causing dangerous electrical issues.

How To Know You Have Rats & Mice

If you see rats or mice then it’s easy enough to know you have rats and mice. They’re pretty sneaky though and they can be present without you ever seeing them. Here are some ways to know you have them in your home. 


If you see droppings sized between 12mm and 18mm then those are probably from rats and mice.


Look for a scattering of bones in out of the way places like the back of sheds.

Excited dogs

Most dogs will go crazy when they know there is a rat about. Many of the terrior breads will get on the scent days after a rat has been there.

Damage around your house

Check for burrow holes around your home. Likewise, you might see signs of gnawing. Items like dog food containers and electrical wiring can get gnawed on by rats and mice.

Eaten fruits

If you see fruit with the sides eaten out, that will be rats. Also you might see an excess of snails with the slug eaten out.

Squeaking, gnawing or scratching noises

Rats and mice will get busy at night. When it is quiet you may hear them squeaking, gnawing or scratching away.

What You Can Do To Reduce Rats & Mice In Your Home

Under the Public Health Regulation 1811 act, Queensland homeowners are obligated to control the presence of rats and mice in their home. It makes sens to comply with this act given all the reasons we outlined above. There are some simple things you can do to control rats and mice. We’ll outline them below. 

Storage of firewood and other timber

Store these away from your home. The storage of wood will create homes for vermin. You might have seen this yourself when you go to the woodpile and rats run for cover.

Rubbish bins

Keep your rubbish bins secure and safe. Make sure they don’t have any points of entry.

Block holes

Prevent access to your home by blocking holes into your home. Rats and mice will usually come and go via the same route. Block it and you’ll block them. But make sure you block other points of entry or they’ll soon to discover it.

Remove fruit from trees

Old fruit should be removed from fruit trees. If you allow it to rot and drop to the ground it’ll become food for vermin.

Dog food

Store dog food, chicken and bird feed, in airtight containers. Keep an eye on plastic containers though because rats can gnaw through them sometimes.

No meat

Don’t put meat in your compost. This will not compost fast enough. Rats and mice will get to it in no time. They can smell that stuff.

Control Of Rats And Mice

Rats and mice reproduce very quickly. If you think you have a problem involved rats and mice it’s better to get on top of it quickly. Zapem Pest Management lay traps and baits in a way that quickly removes your problem. We’ll follow it up to make sure you don’t have further problems with them coming back. 

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