Termites Under The Carpets

It’s a truism in the pest control industry that you need to lift the carpets. We mean this literally in this instance but it’s also a metaphor for doing all the hard things and making sure we check everywhere, especially in the hidden places. What’s disturbing to us is that many pest controllers don’t take the time to do this. In some cases they tell their clients they can’t do it because it’s not covered by insurance or some other rubbish. More often than not, it’s just not noted by its absense. Thing thing is though, termites don’t sit on top of things waiting to be found. 

These Are The Termites We Found

Below are a series of images showing what we found when we lifted the carpets. What this illustrates is the need to pest controllers to be diligent, to lift and inspect, and to have a nose for trouble. As you can see, what could have been superficial a frayed old carpet, revealed a world of termites below. This is a common experience with pest inspections. Termites are masters at hiding. You can find one spot on a wall that reveals an entire termite colony living behind it. That’s why we go to great pains to check every possible sign of termites. One of the most common giveaway signs is a termite lead. These might reside under the sub-floor or in a tight ceiling space, which is all the more reason for us to crawl in there and check these spaces. 

Pest Inspection Is Paramount

This experience with the termites under the carpets highlights why pest inspections are so important. You never know when an apparently innocuous sign is indicating vast termite activity below. It’s important to find and eliminate these termites before they make expenses damages in your home. We’ve seen entire bathrooms destroyed by termites and we understand how the hidden menace of termites can be very expensive if not caught on time.

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We are more than just a place to work

You can see that our work is always interesting, from possums to snakes, ants and termites. (We don’t deal with snakes. You’ll need a snake catcher for that. But we did run into one recently.) We hope you can see from these images the depth of our services and get an idea of the people who work behind Zapem Pest Management. We’re working to be more than just a pest controller who zaps insects and moves on. We care about our work and hopefully it shows.

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