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Ants can be one of the worst pests to have around the home. They’re annoying and can come into your home in such numbers that you wonder how so many ants can even exist. The good news is, Zapem Pest Management are experts at eradicating all traces of ants. 

How To Get Rid Of Your Ants

There are so many ants in the world it’s hard to estimate just how many there are. There are probably as many a 10 billion billion ants. Their ability to get into your home is almost unmatched. There are however some things you can do to help prevent having ants in your home. 

Remove access to food

Ants are most likely to come into your home looking for food. Clean up, put food away in the fridge or store them in airtight containers.

Clean bench tops

When an ant finds food it leaves a pheromone trail for other ants to follow. Wipe down surfaces with vinegar or bleach to disrupt that trail.

Prevent them coming in

Seal up doors, windows and cracks where ants can enter your home. This can be harder than is sounds because ants can get through almost any size crack.


If all else fails, which is frequently does with ants, then resort to pesticide. With ants, you might find you treat the symptom and the not the cause, meaning your ants come back again soon after. If that happen…

Effective Ant Control

It’s not unusual for clients to call us after having attempted to control ants themselves. Home owners can fail to remove ants because they kill the ones they can see but there is a bottomless pit of ants that keep moving into and through the home. As we said above, there might be as many as 10 billion billion ants in the world. That’s more than enough ants to invade every home over and over.

Identify the ants

Different ants respond to different baits and poisons in their own way. Baits that work on one ant may not work on another. We start by identifying which ants you have.

Find the souce of the ants

Ants can be moving through your home looking for food or because they have a food source next door. We’ll identify where they’re going from and that will help inform our ant control.

Use the appropriate ant control treatments

There are various ways to treat ants. We can use gels, sprays and powders to target our ants.

A note about fire ants

Everyone has an obligation to report suspected sightings of fire ants within 24 hours of their discovery. Fire ants exist within Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redland and Scenic Rim areas, with isolated infestations in Lockyer Valley and northern Gold Coast. These ants are native to South America and can cause severe damage to our environment and economy. If you see them, or ants you suspect are fire ants, report to Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.

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