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We offer a wide range of pest inspection services for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Zapem Pest Management are trusted Gold Coast pest inspection agents. We cover the Gold Coast and Tweed, from Logan on down to Tweed Heads. Our residential pest inspection services include inspections for termites, ants, cockroaches, and silverfish. Commercial pest inspection services target spiders, ants, bed bugs, termites and cockroaches. It is strongly recommended that you have a termite inspection in accordance with AS 3660.2, carried out every 6 to 12 months.

Zapem pest and termite inspection

Periodic checks should be made to guarantee that timber pests don’t invade and infest your property. In addition to using advanced technologies to inspect your property (thermal, radar, and moisture meters), our technician (Darren) will examine every nook and cranny to ensure we don’t miss anything.

We will then go over all of our findings with you and send you a thorough report so that you have everything you need to make an informed pest control decision. The Zapem Pest Management Home Termite Protection Plan is included in this report, which is tailored to your property construction type.

We have pest control services for:


Bed Bugs






Mice & Rats

It’s important to look for pests and the conditions that help pests thrive. Signs of damp can indicate conditons that termites and other pests will enjoy.

For your Gold Coast pest inspection needs rely on Zapem Pest Management. To book our services click through to our contact page using the button below. 

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Termite Inspections

Termite species are known as ‘white ants’ due to their appearance. Termites are a significant menace to any property. According to the ArchiCentre Australia, termites cost an average of $10,000 in damages. Termites are the biggest menace to wood in Australia. The Forestry Association of each state estimates that 20% of homes are attacked by termites at some point in their lives. Obstructs the activity of any enzyme that can cause cell death.

Termites are difficult to spot, but they can cause big problems for your home. To safeguard your assets from termites, you must have regular pest inspections done on your property. We use thermal, radar, and moisture sensors to detect termites in your house, as well as our expertise and knowledge of termites. You can observe termite activity in this video, as well as termite mudding. Mudding like this is present in all kinds of locations, including the subfloor, roof cavity, and anywhere else termites may hide.

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It’s important for us to be on time for appointments. Make sure to check out our Google Reviews for people who have used our services and attest to our punctuality.

We are devoted to delivering the best pest control service available on the Tweed Coast, and we stand by our promise of eradicating pests, not just limiting their spread. We do not just want to squash the pests you see, but also want to address your pest control concerns in a comprehensive manner.

Darren, pictured here, is the man who will service your property. We believe in eradicating pests, not just controlling them, and we value our clients’ satisfaction. We are committed to delivering the finest service on the Gold Coast.

Tweed Heads Pest Control Plans

Each property is unique and we don’t attempt to accommodate the same pest control plan to it. We come up with a plan that fits your property and pest control needs.

You will be fully informed of all costs and the length between treatments before any follow-up treatments or inspections are performed.

We are more than just a place to work

You can see that our work is always interesting, from possums to snakes, ants and termites. (We don’t deal with snakes. You’ll need a snake catcher for that. But we did run into one recently.) We hope you can see from these images the depth of our services and get an idea of the people who work behind Zapem Pest Management. We’re working to be more than just a pest controller who zaps insects and moves on. We care about our work and hopefully it shows.

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