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Wasps and bees are largely beneficial to our environment. They’re important pollinators and while they can sting it’s important to realise they shouldn’t necessarily be considered pests. There are those wasps, like the European Wasps*, that are invasive species and can become problems. As can any stinging insect if in the wrong place and in the wrong quantities. Zapem Pest Management practices responsible and effective pest control for wasps where they have become pests.

* European wasps aren’t common on the Gold Coast. Their spread is mostly limited to the southern areas of Australia. We mention them because they are a prime example of a pest species in Australia. In WA you are required by law to report them. European wasps form nests underground so if you see a nest of wasps it’s not a nest of European wasps. 

wasp nest removed from a Gold Coast home

Reason why you might want a wasp nest removed

As we said earlier, wasps are natural (and not necessarily dangerous) part of our environment. With over 12,000 species of wasps in Australia, only a few are pests. That said, there are reasons why you might need pest control for wasps. 

The paper wasps shown here are native species and are generally not considered dangerous. They will attack if their nest is threatened and sensitive individuals can suffer severe responses to their bite. Pest control for paper wasps should be considered if the nest is located in a position where there is potential for provoking swarming. There is also an introduced species of paper wasp, the Asian paper wasp, that looks very similar. There are no known instances of Asian paper wasps on the Gold Coast yet. 

Wasps Remdiation And Treatment

Before you consider pest control for wasps, consider these steps:

Symptoms and treatment of wasp stings

Most people will only experience local pain from a wasps sting. You can expect a burning pain, skin swelling and redness, and an itching sensation. These are considered normal reactions. if you experience these then clean the sting, apply ice and consider taking pain killers or antihistamine tablets if required.

Unusual reactions include flushing, wheezing, difficulty breathing, swelling of the mouth and throat, and collapse. If you experience any of these call triple-zero (000) for urgent medical attention. 

If you are known to experience the above-mentioned severe symptom then you should contact us to remove any potentially dangerous wasp nests in or around your home. 

Our Pest Control Methods For Wasps

If you require wasp nest removal we’ll first treat the nest with an insecticide. We’ll then remove the nest and all wasps. 

If you have a potentially hazardous wasps nest, do not attempt to remove it yourself. Wasps will interpret your actions as a threat and can swarm. Unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times, making wasps attack particularly painful and potentially dangerous for sensitive individuals. 

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