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Termites can do extensive damage to homes on the Gold Coast. Trust your home to Zapem Pest Management for expert termite control. There aren’t too many homes on the Gold Coast that aren’t in intimate contact with termites. If they’re not in your home yet, then they’re not far away. That’s why it is so important for you to get the best termite control Gold Coast has to offer. With Zapem Pest Management you can choose from several forms of termite control, from chemical barriers to bait stations.

About Our Gold Coast Termite Control Options

Our head pest control agent Darren has the experience and expertise to install long-lasting protection against termites. He’ll discuss your options with you and recommend the best protection for your home.

Chemical Treatment Zone

For some houses a chemical treatment zone is a great option. This consists of spraying Termidor in a boundary around your home, creating what some people call a termite barrier. (In our industry we avoid using the term “barrier” because it’s not totally accurate.) Where there are pavers, we lift them and spray under them (shown). For soil we trench around and saturate. Concrete or pavement is drilled at intervals and the chemicals are inserted through those holes.

Chemical treatment isn’t suitable for all premises. For instance, steep slopes will allow the chemicals to drain away from the area they’re meant to be protecting. That is an example where we would prefer to use termite bait stations, which we explain below.

Bait Stations

Our preferred method of termite control is to use bait stations. We use Trelona ATBS, which we believe is the best available. Bait stations are inserted at regular intervals around the home. Being both delicious and deadly for termites, these baits lure in the termites and then kill them. Being a food source, termites will notify their colony of the source, thus helping to eraditcate all termites.

Bait stations are great for not only destroying existing termites but for monitoring them also. We’ll schedule checkups where we’ll examine the bait stations for activity. We can get a snapshot of termite activity that will explain whether termite activity is increasing or declining. It bait stations have been stripped by termites, we’ll refill them.


About Termidor Termite Treatment

We use Termidor to create a treatment zone around your home because it is the best product for the job. The potential downside with any treatment like this (and the reason why we don’t use the phrase “termite barrier”) is that termites can detect the chemical and thus work out a way around them. The key difference with Termidor is that it is undetectable by termites.

This ability of Termidor to remain undetectable by termites means that they can’t avoid it. Moreover, when they expose themselves to the chemicals they’ll take residue of it back to the termite nest. Termites are social creatures that live in large colonies. Termidor kills them slowly, allowing them to go back to the colony and spread the deadly substances around. 

The red zone indicates the area where it has been applied. Being undetectable, termites contact it, ingest and carry it on their bodies. Then, shown in the insert, they make contact with other termites and transfer it to them.

The social nature of termites means that Termidor is soon spread widely through the termite colony. This is an important difference between Termidor and other chemical treatments. Termidor has the potential to not just stop termites from reaching your home (a barrier) but also to destroy the termite colony. This offers far greater protection against termites than its competitors.

About Trelona ATBS

ATBS stands for Advanced Termite Bait System, which explains the product quite nicely. It consists of a system of bait stations that lure and kill termites. The intervals at which they’re placed are close enough to lure any termite that might pass by. Once they get to the station they feast on the bait. 

Trelona ATBS can be used in conjunction with Termidor. 

The video below explains how the system works. 

Home Conditions Encouraging Termites

As part of our termite inspection and control process, we’ll notify you of any conditions in and around your home that may encourage termites. These include moisture (eg dripping outdoor taps or air conditioning units), rotting timber, damp subfloor, roof leaks, leaf buildup and many things. The key is to reduce your termite risk as much as possible and then eliminate termites by with the appropriate treatment. 

Selecting The Appropriate Termite Control Solution

Upon inspection of your property, we’ll recommend to you the appropriate termite control solutions. Whether that is Termidor or Trelona ATBS will depend on your preferences and the conditions in which the treatments being applied.  We recommend Trelona ATBS in most circumstances but Termidor in an excellent termite treatment for protecting your home. 

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